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All You Need to Know About the NUST Entry Test 2021

National University of Sciences and Technology

NUST, lying in the foothills of Margalla Hills in Islamabad, is one of the most sought after institutions for higher education in science and technology in Pakistan. The degree programs at NUST fall under three domains:

  • Engineering, IT and Computer Science
  • Business Studies, Social Sciences and Architecture
  • Natural and Applied Biosciences

What is the First Step Towards NUST ?

Aspiring candidates can apply for NUST admissions on the basis of the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and (or) NUST Entry Test (NET). NET is based on content from textbooks prescribed for HSSC courses. Therefore, it is recommended to consult and prepare from relevant textbooks of various boards of education.
NET spans 3 hours and comprises 200 MCQs. The subjects included in NET with their weightage are presented below:

Subject Weightage for Engineering

Mathematics 40%
Physics 30%
Chemistry 15%
English 10%
Intelligence 5%

Subject Weightage for BS Computer Science

Mathematics 40%
Physics 30%
Computer Science* 15%
English 10%
Intelligence 5%

*computer science will be replaced with chemistry for students with a pre – engineering background
For subjects’ weightages of other disciplines visit the official website of NUST.

NET – 4 : A Recent Change

Previously, NUST had three series of entry tests: NET -1, NET – 2 and NET – 3. However, for the first time NUST has introduced another series NET – 4. This is a good opportunity for those who have missed the registration deadline for NET – 3 or want to improve their scores and thus their chances of admission at NUST after a reattempt.

Dates to Remember

NET is conducted in three cities: Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta. It is conducted in a computer-based format at Islamabad and in a paper-based format in Karachi and Quetta. Sample tests and instructions to attempt the computer-based test are available on NUST website.

At Islamabad, NET 2021 will be conducted in four series according the the schedule given below:

First Series 15 – 29 Jan 2021
Second Series 06 – 18 Mar 2021
Third Series 16 Jun 2021 onwards
Fourth Series 27 Jul 2021 onwards

At Karachi and Quetta, NET Series 2,3 and 4 will be conducted according the following schedule:

Second Series 20 – 21 Mar 2021
Third and Fourth Series 9 Aug 2021 onwards

Rechecking of NET

NET papers can be rechecked upon request within 5 days from the date of declaration of result. Furthermore, a fee of Rs: 500 must be deposited in the name of the university in the form of bank draft or pay order.

Merit Calculation

For admission at NUST in Fall 2021 merit is calculated as per the following particulars

NUST Entry Test 75%
SSC / O Level / Equivalent 25%
HSSC / A Level / Equivalent / DAE

How to Crack the Notoriously Difficult NUST Entry Test?

  • Acquaint Yourself with Computer Based Format

For applicants planning to give their NUST entry test in Islamabad, it is of critical importance that they familiarize themselves with the computer-based format of testing. This is to ensure that candidates do not face any issues on the day of the time constrained exam. A sample test for various disciplines is available on the university’s website to get a practical understanding of the exam.

Tabir Academy provides the exact format of the NUST Entry Testing system. You have the option of skipping questions, timing yourself and attempting MCQs according to your choice.

  • Use Preparatory Material

“ Practice makes a man perfect ”. How many times have you heard this saying? Now is the time to practically implement it. There are plenty of resources available online pertaining to NET preparation. One of them is the NUST – NET Book Series by Dogar Brothers. The books contain past paper questions, MCQs with detailed Explanations and a lot of tips by NUST Students. Moreover, Review sample papers to understand the difficulty level of the exam and focus on improving your weak concepts.

  • Practice MCQs Online with Tabir

Tabir Academy is your ideal source of preparation that buckles you up for the toughest of questions in 4 weeks. Without physically going to a tuition center, you can practice hundreds of MCQs paired with detailed explanations.

Still not sure? You can visit the website and attempt free levels ( plug in link to relevant course on Tabir ) to prepare for the test by solving test specific questions.

  • Time Management

Managing your time before the exam i.e. during preparation is as important as managing time while attempting the exam. So make a plan of action based on your capabilities. Prioritize subjects that need extra preparation. In addition, refer to the subject weightage section above to allocate your preparation time on the relevant subjects accordingly. Such optimized allocation of time will help you focus on sections that are important and save you from unnecessarily wasting time and effort. Do not leave things for the last days and make a checklist of all tasks that must be achieved before the day of entry test.

  • Do Not Rely on the Last Series of Test, Instead Give it Earlier So You can Have Chances of Reattempt to Improve your Score

Applicants must note that in case of multiple attempts of NUST Entry Test only the best score will be considered for merit generation. Therefore it is advised to give the test in the early series and save later attempts in case candidates want to improve their score.

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