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ASF Jobs Application, Requirements and Process.

Registrations for tests of ASF jobs are currently open. ASF stands for Airport Security Force. Airport security is a very high profile job with responsibilities of maintaining law and order in the premises of the airport. Aviation is a very high profile sector because slight mistakes can cause significant  consequences. If airport staff is not attentive enough, many crimes can be committed internationally, most notable of all is drug smuggling. Airports are normally on the hitlist of the terrorist, because much damage can be done there. ASFs therefore are trained staff who counteract terrorism and maintain law and order in the airport. This job is certainly of great value.

These are the available ASF jobs.



  This job requires you to be intermediate pass in case you’re willing to apply. Minimum required height is 5 feet 6 in. Seats are available for men and reserved for women and minorities. To know more about the quote you can click here. Minimum age to apply is 18 and maximum is 30.To know more about it, see the picture below. 


Carpool has 1002 seats available with quotas for each province and reserved seats for women and minorities. Grade 10 or metric shall be passed by the applicant. Minimum height shall be 5 foot 2 inches and minimum applicant’s age is 18 and maxim is 30. 

Corporal driver

40 seats are available in total from which 1 is reserved for Islamabad and 39 for Gwadar. Applicant is required to pass the metric exam and his minimum age shall be 18, maximum could be 30. 


Only 1 seat is available for rural sindh. Should be a FA or FSC pass or Hafiz-e-Quran or certified Dars-e-Nizami. Rest of the requirements are the same as the rest of the jobs. 

Lab attendant 

  1 seat is available for Balochistan. Shall be metric pass or shall have a technology diploma from a recognized institution with 2 years of experience. Rest of the requirements are the same. 

Nursing assistant

Total 3 seats are available with 2 for general merit and 1 for rural sindh. Shall be metric pass and shall hold a diploma for nursing of 1 year from a recognised institute. 

MT driver

10 seats available, with 9 for Gawadar and 1 for disabled. Age for the applicant shall be in the range of 18-35. Shall have a valid driving license and shall hold a metric degree.


1 seat available for Gwadar. Applicant shall be certified HAfiz-e-Quran. Age shall be 18-30 years. 

Auto Electrician 

2 seats are available for Gwadar. Shall be a metric pass and shall be a certified auto electrician. Age shall be 18-30 years. 

Vehicle Mechanic 

1 seat available for Gwadar. Shall have over 2 years experience of workshop. Age shall be 18-30.


1 seat available fr Gwadar. Shall have a certificate from a recognised institute.


 1 seat available for Gwadar. Shall be middle passed and shall have a certificate alongside at least 2 years of experience. Age shall be 18-30 years.  

Denter Painter

1 seat available for Gwadar. Shall be middle pass and shall have a training certificate. Age shall be 18-30.


1 seat available for Gwadar. Shall be primary pass and shall have at least 2 years of experience in the field. 


1 seat available in Gwadar. Shall be primary pass with at least 2 years experience in the field. 

Naib Qasid 

2 seats for Gwadar and 1 for disabled. Shall be primary pass and age shall be between 18-30.


8 seats for Gwadar, 1 for Islamabad, and 2 for disabled. Shall be primary pass and shall have experience of over 2 years. 


Total 20 seats available for different cities. See the picture below to know more. Shall be primary pass and shall know how to cook Pakistani cuisine. 


4 seats for Gwadar. Applicant shall be a primary pass with over 4 years of experience in this field.


1 seat for Gwadar, primary pass with experience in this job


12 seats for Gwadar with 1 reserved for disabled. Applicants shall be primarily pass and experienced. Age shall be 18-30.


Registration for ASF jobs

For registration of ASF jobs, you can go on the website There you can fill out the form and submit it. You can also download it and send it via post. You do not need to submit any of the documents for the registration process. Only shortlisted candidates are required to do so. For applying in more than one job, you need to fill out separate application forms. For merit seats, both men and women can apply. Disabled people can only apply for their quota. The shortlisted candidates list will be uploaded on website. All of these candidates shall appear for the test. 


Physical and Initial test for ASF jobs

You can look if you are shortlisted or not on joinasf, website. You should keep  checking it from time to time. All the shortlisted candidates are required to take a physical test. It includes a 1 mile run which shall be completed in 7 min and 30 sec maximum. They Are also required to do 22 push ups and and 22 sit ups, each in under 2 min. Women applicants are required to take a 1 mile run test too. All the applicants are required to wear joggers for the test. This test will be conducted in multiple cities. You can reach out to your closest one for taking part in this test. 

Once you pass this test, you are shortlisted for the next part. For uniform posts which include carpool and ASI, students are required to take a written test. Rest Are required to take a practical test. Then the applicants appear in an interview. With that the process is complete. 


Your Job appointment in ASF 

If you are selected, then you are required to be available for work in ex-FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. You are required to abstain by the law too. Your appointment will be updated on the website and you’ll be notified via call as well. 


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