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How to prepare for MDCAT in 30 days using Tabir Academy Technique

Preparing for MDCAT is very hectic and exhaustive. This fact keeps the students in a constant dilemma and they try to avoid this mental tension every day. And this results in the wastage of time and days that could be used for preparation. But, the time is gone now, and certainly, there is no use crying over spilled milk.

If you are facing a similar situation where you have been putting off the work for tomorrow and that tomorrow has arrived and you still do not know what to do. Do not panic my friend! Tabir Academy has got you. In this blog, we bring a series of our very own special techniques that can help you prepare for your MDCAT in just 30 days.

How to prepare for MDCAT in 30 days using Tabir Academy Technique

  1. Prepare with our online course:

The biggest advantage of preparing for MDCAT with Tabir Academy is the speed. Tabir Academy online course helps you complete your preparation at a high speed. The courses cover all topics but to the point. Hence, saves your time which would have been spent covering the unnecessary material.

An overall package that contains many unique features helps you complete your preparation in a very less amount of time and, ace your test.

Prepare with our online course

  1. Level-wise Preparation:

The level-wise preparation includes preparing in such a way that you encounter easy questions first and then gradually move towards harder ones. This approach can be best explained by a game. In a game, you face easy levels first and with time the game level starts turning hard and harder. This approach helps the player become gradually familiar with the game, and also gives them a sense of achievement as well. This gradual process helps facilitate your learning in the best way possible.

  1. Manage time with our Timed questions:

The key to success in tests is Time Management. With Tabir Academy not only you will learn concepts related to your subjects but will also be able to polish your time management skills. A timing feature is installed with questions that help you keep track of the time that you are spending on each question. Thus, you can try to accomplish questions in the least time possible for you and, go a long way for success in your MDCAT exam. When time is under your control no one can stop you from accomplishing your goal.

Manage time with our Timed questions

  1. Learn with the Learning Box:

Consider you have been preparing for your MDCAT for a long time now and decide to take a test with Tabir online learning course. You got a question wrong and cannot remember what the actual concept was. Going back to finding those YouTube videos or document files where you learned the concept is too tiresome. This makes you irritated and you ignore it altogether, which can be dangerous for you when you sit in the exam and face a similar question.

Learn with the Learning Box

Tabir Academy has introduced Learning Box solely for this purpose. If you give an incorrect answer on any of our online courses, our Learning Box will tell you the correct answer and provide you with the correct concept behind the answer in a simple and brief manner. And then, once you have learned the correct concept, the same MCQ will reappear later on, so that you may test your correct gained knowledge.

  1. Keep track of your progress:

Tabir Academy has also set a Progress Bar that helps you keep track of what your preparation level is at the moment. In this way, you get a clear picture of exactly at what point you are and how far you have to go further to achieve your goal.

Keep track of your progress

Using all these facilities and unique features provided by the Tabir Academy challenge yourself and complete your preparation in just 30 days. Sign up for our MDCAT course now and, pave the road to success.

Keep track of your progress

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