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Join PAF as GD pilot 2022 Online Registration

Being a GD Pilot is a dream of many students from their childhood. What is better than serving your country and completing your passion too? Through PAF you can serve till the age of 60 and will get retirement benefits after that too.
The induction for GD Pilot is done twice a year; one around Feb-March and the other one around June-July.


Eligibility Criteria

⦁ Male applicants can get a permanent commission and short service commission is limited to females.
⦁ Only unmarried people can apply.
⦁ Untrained candidates between 16-22 years of age can apply.
⦁ Having a Pakistani nationality is must. If you have a domicile of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, then you can also apply. In case you are a dual national, you will have to leave other nationality.
⦁ Height requirement is 5 feet and 4 inches or 163cm minimum.
⦁ Weight is to be according to the body mass index.
⦁ Eyesight requirement is a 6/6 without glasses.
⦁ Educational requirements include FSC with 60% marks in aggregate in Pre-engineering, Pre-medical or Computer sciences; or A ‘levels with Physics, Biology, and Mathematics.


What makes you ineligible for the GD Pilot?


If you fall in any of the following categories, you are ineligible to apply for GD Pilot:
⦁ rejected twice by Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB),
⦁ dismissed, debarred, or removed from any Government Services or Armed Forces, PAK Army, PAF, or Navy,
⦁ tested within a four months gap of the previous appearance in ISSB,
⦁ convicted in any of the courts for a heinous offense,
⦁ declared permanently unfit by AMB (Appeal Medical Board), or
⦁ withdrawn on disciplinary grounds from any of the bonded Armed Forces colleges or institutions.


Selection Process of GD Pilot


⦁ Registration of GD Pilot at PAF Selection Centers or Online through their website.
⦁ After the submission of the form, you will get the approved registration slip which you can print also.
⦁ Next step is the intelligence test and the academic test in Physics and English conducted at e-testing Selection Centers of PAF.
⦁ After this will come the interview and preliminary medical examination which will also be conducted at the Selection Centers.
⦁ A psychological test will be conducted only if you are a SSC candidate and the interview will be taken by Air Headquarters Selection Board.
⦁ If you are a PC candidate your test and interview will be held at ISSB Kohat, Gujranwala, or Kohat.
⦁ After this, the final medical examination will be held by the Central Medical Board, PAF Masoor.
⦁ Flying Aptitude Test (FAT) is the next step.
⦁ The final step is the merit-wise final selection by Air Headquarters.
After this, you will be enrolled in the training period of GD Pilot for 03 years at PAF Academy Rispalur after which the award of BS in Aviation Sciences and Management from Air University Islamabad will be given to you.

Documents Required for Registration

⦁ Original certificates of Matric/ FSc or equivalent.
⦁ CNIC for 18 years and above aged.
⦁ A B-Form and Guardian’s CNIC for aged below 18.
⦁ One attested photocopy of all the above-mentioned documents.
⦁ 3 passport sized colored attested photos by Principal, Class-1 Gazetted Officer.

Now let’s look at the syllabus and content material of the test for GD Pilot.


Syllabus for Initial Test for GD Pilot


The test includes English, Physics, and Intelligence Test which is verbal and non-verbal. For the physics part refer to the Punjab Textbook Board’s Physics Book-I & II.
It is important to go over the complete content material and also te past papers. For this, you can refer to guides like Ultimate Guide by Tabir Academy. This is an online course that contains all the details of the test along with the preparation material.


Tests after the Initial Test for GD Pilot


⦁ In PAF, GD Pilot is the most distinctive seat; the applicants of GAD Pilot have to go through a separate medical examination in Karachi whereas the ISSB test is same for all armed forces applicants. In this test, you will be tested to see if you can withstand the pressure of being in the air or the pressure of gravity.
⦁ After clearing this test, you will get another intelligence test in which you will have to make a judgement in 2 or 3 nanoseconds. Because the GD pilot must concentrate on multiple tasks at once, you must maintain constant awareness. As a result, this exam can determine whether or not you are capable of making the best decision given the time constraints.

Once you have figured out your eligibility criteria and that you fall on it, now register yourself and get started with your preparation!

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