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Ultimate 5 Steps Guide For Acing Your MDCAT 2022 Preparation

MDCAT preparation is tough, and competition is high! This is why MDCAT is stressing every aspirant’s mind. Every aspirant with MBBS at the top of their priority is putting in all their efforts to be in the merit criteria and secure a seat. Strategic preparation is important. Everyone has questions about books, whether or not to consult a teacher and what strategy shall they adopt for a smoother preparation. The answer to the teacher’s question is that it depends on you. Other questions will be answered here. Here is a preparation guide for you that eases your mind and ensures your success. 


Step 1: Applying for MDCAT is the first step to your preparation

This will get your mind straight to working for your exam. No ifs or buts, you will appear in it. Here’s how you can apply if you haven’t yet. 

This year you are supposed to apply through the pmc website. Here’s the link:

The first step is to create an account with your CNIC, or phone number.  Fill in all the required details, upload the required documents, then download the fee voucher. Pay that and your registration process is complete. Later you will login to select your prioritized test days. 


Step 2: planning according to your syllabus 

Planning is always an important part of a strategy. Making the most out of the available time will benefit you a lot. The syllabus for 2022 mdcat has not been released till now. Generally, there is not any major difference. Most of the topics are included that you study in FSC part1 and 2. For your MDCAT preparation, you have to understand the topic in order to answer the unseen questions. Getting a book that has precise knowledge will help you a lot. According to your book, you can divide your topics with the available days. The last two weeks shall be made available for revisions. Each week shall have one or two days fixed for revision too. Planned revisions help you store and organize your knowledge in long term memory. .


Step 3: Going through all your syllabus topics 

For your syllabus to go through, you shall read your FSC books, have a good look at the federal books, and then have a key points book that you could use to remember your topics precisely. Such books not only have information gathered from the text books, but they also add data recommended by teachers, and also the unique questions that have appeared in the previous  exams. One of the highly recommended course is from Tabir Academy. You can go through their collection. All of them are highly recommended. 

Click here to view collection:


Step 4: Practice will make you perfect

Most of the learning happens through practicing questions. You will remember the most by doing the questions. Once you do the questions, you will have a link in your mind which will make it easier and more probable for you to remember that data for a long time. Going through mixed-topic questions or even individually selected questions for each topic will be of great help for your MDCAT preparation. Smart brain practice book will be highly helpful for your MDCAT preparation. They have solved mcqs and fully solved papers too. Get the 2022 edition now by Dogar brothers by clicking on this link: 


Step 5: Revision is the final step to a perfect mdcat preparation 

Revision will help you solidify your concepts. The best way to do it is by going through the topic and then re-doing the maximum number of questions that you can do in the available time. This will make you relevant to the questions making you more comfortable in the exams. Mark the stuff that you would want to see again, specifically the one that you kept on forgetting. Review those within a day and then at least once in the week. You are good to get them. Stay relaxed and keep studying. You have nailed your MDCAT preparation, now it’s time to nail your exam. 

MDCAT is a very competitive exam and securing your place requires dedication and effort. Following these guidelines will build a strong foundation for you, making it more likely for you to perform better in your exam. Good books, teachers and companions will be of great help to you. Keep working for your aim, you will eventually get there.


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