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Misconceptions about CSS exam 2022

Central Superior Service (CSS) Exam is conducted for the recruitment of candidates to post BS-17 in various services under the Federal Government. CSS exam is organized by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission) Islamabad. Among the youngsters, CSS is one of the most aspired and respected jobs to serve Pakistan.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most common misconceptions or myths regarding the CSS exam. These misconceptions can be as dangerous as some superstitions which make us bound and are the cause of our lagging behind. So, let’s move ahead and have a look at each of them and try to crack them down.

  1. There exist some perfect subject combinations:

Many people believe that if they opt for a certain subject combination, the chance of their success in the CSS exam increases. This is not true because your accomplishment merely depends on your hard work. One should choose the subjects of his or her interest.

FPSC provides you with a choice of 6 subject buckets in addition to the compulsory subjects. Candidates are ought to choose one subject per bucket. Do choose your subjects wisely according to your interest and aptitude. There is no magic combination that has the power to make you pass the exam for certain. It is with no doubt a tough task for the majority of the people but, with proper consultation, this problem can be overcome.

  1. A whole year is required for preparation:

This myth that CSS preparation needs at least a year is completely wrong. The time required varies from person to person and depends on one’s ability to grasp in a certain amount of time. If you are among those people who can grasp any topic within no time you can easily prepare for the exam in less than a year. Hence, there is no fixed time. You have all the choices in your hand to decide when you are ready to take the CSS exam.

  1. You need to ace everything:

People think that CSS is an exam that includes everything present in the world. Fortunately, this is not the case. You are not required to know each and everything. All you are expected to do is to follow the outline provided by FPSC. Let us clear this too that it is not wrong to study hard and go beyond the guidelines because hard work is always appreciated. But, it is better for you to work smart along with working hard. If you only follow the course outline given by the FPSC you would not have any problem in attempting the exam.

  1. Past papers and coaching academies are the key:

Coaching academies for CSS exam preparation are no doubt very helpful. Teachers having immense knowledge about their subject guide you and make a lot of things easier for you to grasp. Similarly, past papers provide you with an idea of how the exam would be and what type of questions can be asked from you. But still, these are not everything you need to have or something that you must have in order to succeed. Anyone can accomplish their goal of passing the CSS exam based only on their hard work and eagerness. Hence, smart and hard work is the only key to success in the CSS exam.

  1. Can only be aced by foreign qualified or extra-ordinary candidates:

The impression that foreign qualified candidates are more likely to achieve success is wrong. There have been cases where foreign graduates have failed too. Also, such graduates which had only 70% marks are seen passing the test and becoming government servants.

  1. CSS is the most difficult exam:

The people who decide to take the CSS exam and start preparing for it start considering it as a nightmare. It is one of the major drawbacks behind the failure, it kills all your optimism and sparking power for this competition. They consider it a Do or Die situation. Although the CSS exam is super-hyped and prestigious, however, it is not the end of the world.

  1. Cramming can lead to success:

The mindset of our society is to measure the intelligence level by grades. It is believed that the more you cram the more the chances of your acing the exam. In reality, the CSS exam is a combination of your knowledge, paper presentation skills, and analysis.

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