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Tabir Academy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Welcome to Tabir’s FAQs section! In this blog, we will provide a solution for every query that you have regarding Tabir Academy. With the advancement in education, the competition among youngsters is rising too. The competition regarding getting admission to the dream university or the competition regarding getting a better and stable job. To go to your dream university, you need to ace the entrance exam for the respective university.  Also, to get to higher positions in the respective fields one has to go through several entry tests, PMS exam, or CSS.  Similarly, if someone wants to join the military he/she also has to face multiple difficult exams. Tabir has made this easy for the youth to get knowledge regarding these tests and their preparation.

Underlying are some of the frequently asked questions relative to Tabir. Go through them and clear any confusion you might have

  1. What is Tabir Academy?

Tabir Academy is an E-Learning website. Its motto is, “Empowerment Through E-Learning”. Tabir academy makes learning quick, easy, and fun. It helps students prepare for various entry tests and competitive exams in an interactive and practical way so they achieve great results in no time. It utilizes the most efficient methodology to save time to help students achieve their goals quickly. Tabir was launched in 2016 with a mission to produce high achievers in every course it offers.

  1. Why should you prefer Tabir Academy?

There are a lot of reasons we can quote here why you should choose Tabir Academy over other E-learning websites. First of all, Tabir has the mechanism of identifying the challenge and problem in each course and then providing a solution for it. The solution that will lead you towards success. It provides the feature of a testing and learning box. The candidate can where he/she stands on a particular concept and can then improve it using the learning box feature. Tips from peers, high-scorers, and teachers are provided. The progress bar gives you the motivation that you need to be successful by displaying where you are and how far you are from reaching your goal.

   3. What courses does Tabir offer?

This link here All Courses – Tabir Academy will take you to the courses offered by Tabir Academy. Moreover, new courses are being added each day. Do make sure to pay a visit to the ‘New Courses’ tab on the homepage of Tabir Academy.

  1. What are the competitive exams and entry tests that Tabir offers preparation for?

Tabir provides the courses for entry tests and competitive exams such as:

  • Central Superior Service (CSS)
  • Provincial Management Service (PMS)
  • Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC)
  • Medical and Dental College Admission Tests (MDCAT)
  • Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT)
  • National Aptitude Test (NAT)
  • Graduate Assessment Test (GAT)
  • National Testing Service (NTS)
  1. How do you enroll in the courses?

Well, the first step would be to sign up at Tabir Academy and provide the information being asked. The link is here; After signing up select your desired course and get registered for it. You would be provided a voucher code with the book you order from Dogar Brothers. Level 1 of each course is always free. You will be asked to enter the voucher code after the completion of level 1.

  1. How do we learn at Tabir?

Being an E-learning website, Tabir offers online lectures for its courses. Besides these lectures, a book is also recommended but it is totally up to the candidate whether he/she would like only online lectures. Tests are held on the website after each topic. These tests are multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as well as short questions based. Once you get an answer wrong you will be immediately directed toward the learning box for the revision of the concept. Every paper has customized preparation scheme. If the paper is subjective its preparation is subjective and if objective, the preparation and the tests will be objective.

  1. Does Tabir only offer entry test preparation?

Not at all! Tabir offers courses for all kinds of competitive exams in Pakistan such as CSS, PMS, and PPSC.

  1. What is the mechanism of preparation at Tabir?

Tabir Academy offers the most comprehensive course for online preparation. While covering the entire syllabus and addressing the most important and frequently appearing questions, it provides useful preparation tips and solutions catering to the needs of the students. The unique features offered help students gain an in-depth understanding of the course. For example. The testing-retesting mechanisms help make sure that students practice thoroughly to avoid repeating any mistakes. The learning box breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand terms. With Tabir you can cover any syllabus in the least amount of time possible.

  1. What is the learning box feature and what does it do?

The learning box feature is designed to provide you with the best educational tools and provide exposure to more content. Whenever you get a question wrong or will be unable to understand any concept, you can correspond to the learning box. It breaks down the complex topic into an easy one for you to understand.

  1. How long are the courses?

Most of the courses are 30 days or one month long but the time taken for the completion of a course solely depends on the syllabus. Some courses are only 15 days long too and some do not have any defined period. It is up to the student how fast he/she can complete it. Progress in any course can be continued at any time until 1 year. The registration expires after one year of enrollment.

  1. Are the courses paid?

You can access the demo and artifacts of the courses for free however, to attempt the practice questions you have to pay. The dues vary for each course. Plenty of discounts is given on courses.

  1. Does Tabir offer scholarships?

Absolutely yes! Tabir does offer scholarships to needy students. Scholarship in collaboration with the Alkhidmat Foundation is provided to orphan students.

  1. What are the criteria for getting the scholarship?

Tabir does not have any defined criteria for the scholarship. You can contact Tabir Academy and phrase your problems, Tabir will go to all lengths possible and provide you with the appropriate concession.

  1. Are there any criteria to get enrollment in any course?

The only criteria required for enrollment is that you should be a human being and that also with money. Jokes apart, no there are no criteria for enrollment in any course.

  1. Does Tabir offer its service countrywide?

Being an E-learning website, all work on the website is done online therefore, it is not difficult for Tabir to provide its services countrywide.

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