CSS Screening Test 2022: The Complete Guide

CSS Screening Test 2022: The Complete Guide

CSS screening test was first conducted in 2022, where it played a major role in filtering out candidates whose preparation for the main CSS exam was not so good. If you were not able to achieve 2/3rd marks in the screening test, you are not allowed to sit in the main exam. With that, the first screening test came into the scene of every year conducted Civil services of Pakistan exam. Aspirants have a lot going on in their mind considering the CSS exam preparation guide and CSS exam point study material. The structure of the exam rose many questions in the mind of the candidates. Let me tell you, all the stuff you seem to worry about is not as big of a problem. It is important to take this test seriously however. So, here’s the what, why and how of the CSS screening test.

What exactly is the CSS Screening test?

The CSS screening test did not exist until 2021. On 27th of october the cabinet approved the screening test which will be conducted before the main exam. 2022 is the first yeat when it was conducted on 20th february. The actual test took place on 30th May. A screening test, as the name might suggest, filters out CSS candidates who are not very well prepared, leaving the nes with a considerable preparation. A candidate is required to pass the screening test if he wants to sit in the CSS exam. FPSC cosucts this ecam and the result is announced in 10-15 days. Syllabus is pretty much the same. There is no specific guidelines of preparation for it. It is a multiple choice-based test. Theia re different sections in it, each section contains questions majorly from the compulsory CSS subjects. In order to pass this test, you shall attain 33 percent marks.

What exactly is the CSS Screening test?

Exam structure of CSS screening test

CSS screening test is known as Macq’s preliminary test or MPT. Total number of MCQs are 200, and 200 minutes are given to answer these questions. It is a physical test, done using paper and pencil. Candidates are allowed to take the carbon paper with them to cross check the answers before the official result announcement. Answers key is revealed by the Federal Public Service Commission in the evening of the same day the exam is conducted. In order to pass it, participants shall get at least 66 arks out of 200, which is 33 percent of the total.

There are 5 sections in total. Each section carries a different number of questions. All the questions shall be answered.  Here is the structure if the exam:

  1. Islamiat                          20 MCQS
  2. Urdu                               20 MCQS
  3. English                           50 MCQS
  4. General ability                60 MCQS
  5. General Knowledge        50 MCQS

How to prepare for your CSS screening test?

As we have talked earlier as well, the screening test is for filtering stringer CSS candidates. The test consists majorly of compulsory CSS subjects. Preparation is basically the same. You should have the most knowledge for all the subjects. Syllabus for CSS is available on the FPSC website. While you prepare for that, you are also preparing for the Screening test too. The stronger your preparation for CSS, the more likely you are to pass your screening test to ultimately qualify and then ultimately pass your CSS exam.

Doing the practice multiple choice questions can be really helpful. Here is a CSS exam preparation book recommendation from Dogar Brothers. Click here to check them out. For your practice, we also have latest CSS online books available alongside some key points books too. You can see some CSS exam preparation guide books on the dogar brothers site. Click here to check those out. Practice will make you perfect. As the main CSS exam also contains MCQs, you can revise those past papers particularly to strengthen your preparation. This will really help you solidify your concepts.

How to prepare for your CSS screening test?

Here are some tips and tricks for passing your CSS screening test.

Screening test is most likely to be from the compulsory subjects of CSS exams. You should focus on those more before you go in the next round. There is no guided syllabus for this, yet it is highly important to be cleared because otherwise, you can’t take part in the main CSS exam. Also, if you are preparing for CSS, you are basically preparing for your screening test too. But, doing some dedicated preparation for the screening test would be important because it is an MCQs paper. Working on key points of all topics can be really helpful. Moreover, you shall focus on general knowledge and current affairs.

Work rather than worry in order to pass it. 

All this information would have made one thing very much clear for you, consider this similar to your main CSS exam. Keep working on getting the knowledge rather than worrying, and practice for MCqs. With that, you can have a much more solid passing chance alongside a peaceful brain.

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