How to Prepare in 4 Weeks Before the Entry Test?

How to Prepare in 4 Weeks Before the Entry Test?

Take a Diagnostic Test

For efficient preparation of entry tests in 2021 prospective candidates shall begin their preparation by giving a full length diagnostic test. Ideally you should be sitting in a distraction free place in an environment that mimics the actual examination hall setting. There is no need to prepare for the test beforehand since it will be a diagnosis of the test material that you already know. Try to complete the test within the prescribed time and notice if your speed is up to mark or not. This diagnostic test will tell you where you stand and serve as a starting point for further preparation of the entry test.

Create a Study Outline

From the results of the diagnostic test, identify the subjects that you are lacking in. Dive further into the specific topics and jot those down that need clarity or revision. For example, if you are preparing for MDCAT 2021 and you have gotten certain Chemistry MCQs wrong, do not just write Chemistry as your problematic area but figure out the specific topics that these MCQs pertain to e.g. organic chemistry. After you have done this exercise for all the relevant subjects of your entry test you will have a list of all the topics that need attention.

Gather Study Material

Get hold of all the resources that you will need for the entry test preparation. This includes, but is not limited to study notes, sample and past papers, reading material, practice questions, online video lectures and academies. This is the most crucial stage of your test preparation because it determines the quality of content that you will be revising and preparing. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you have got the right content to prepare.


This is where you need Tabir. Tabir is an Ed Tech that aims to provide solutions for all your educational needs. It provides you with preparatory materials and most importantly practice questions uniquely catered to almost all types of entrance exams in Pakistan. These include MDCAT, NET, SAT, GRE, GMAT, PPSC, CSS and others. With almost 1400 questions prepared by subject specialists for MDCAT, students can be sure of the quality and relevance of preparatory material available on Tabir.

Learning Box

The unique Learning Box feature of Tabir makes sure that the weak concepts of a student are reiterated from time to time until the student has completely perfected the concept. This customized learning experience for each student enables them to learn at their pace and achieve excellence.

Set SMART Study Goals

After getting hold of all the necessary learning resources, make a time table by allocating necessary time for each subject and topic. Do not get over ambitions by setting unrealistic targets. This will only exhaust you. Therefore it is recommended to break your target into small tasks and work with consistency to achieve them.

Full Length Practice Exam

Once you have revisited all your concepts it is time to give another full length practice entry test. Be particular about your timing and environment when attempting the test. And treat it as you are giving the actual entry test because it will be reflective of your final preparation.

Repeat the Cycle

What if you’ve still not achieved your desired score ? It’s time to repeat the cycle! Don’t worry, this time it won’t take that long.

Word of Advice

Before you leave for the official entry test, remember:
“Success if not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. – Winston Churchill

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